Playground: Create and play with the world around you

Posted on Oct 9, 2018

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Abby shows Teddy how to use Playground, a new mode in the Pixel 3 camera that lets you create and play with the world around you. Make your photos and videos come to life with Playmoji, characters that react to each other and you, and add animated stickers and fun captions.

1. Double tap your power button to open your camera, or open your camera from your home screen
2. Tap on More
3. Tap on Playground (you can also say “open Playground” on Google Assistant to get started)
4. Tap on the smiling face icon next to the shutter button to select different Playmoji to place into your scene. Place multiple in a scene to see how they interact, or pose with them in selfie mode to see how they react to your facial expressions.
5. Tap the shutter button to capture a photo
6. Tap and hold the shutter button to capture a video
7. View and share your photos and videos from Google Photos

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