About us



We built Spectacle for US and decided to share it with YOU. We are a small team of creatives called Thinkmojo and for the last decade or so we have had the pleasure to work on some amazing projects with incredible brands around the world. We wanted to create a space to share some of the most effective videos helping communicate big ideas and messages in the most appealing and delightful ways. Welcome.


Too many sites only talk about US. It’s time to discuss YOU and why you are here. Our guess is that you love technology, innovation, and how creative efforts can help move ideas and business forward. You are curious, a thinker and toiler who loves to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s important. You may run a multi-million dollar marketing budget, be running $25/day ad campaign, or be the artist working quietly (or not so quietly...) on a project that you know will make an impact. Whoever you are, welcome.