Wistia Channels — Create a can’t-stop-watching video experience

Posted on Feb 20, 2019

  • Help & Support
  • Live Action
  • Business & Work
  • Plainspoken
  • On-Camera Narrator
  • 1 min
  • Horizontal (16:9)
  • Commercial
  • Conversational
  • Design & Developer Tools
  • How-to & FAQ
  • Video & Graphics Tools
  • +

    Turn a collection of videos on your website into a highly engaging, immersive collection in just minutes with Wistia Channels.

    Channels are optimized for search, which means they do the heavy lifting to ensure your videos attract new audiences. Plus, they're super easy to customize—add a video header, select a color theme, choose your font, and more!

    This feature is brought to you by the folks at Wistia, the video software service helps marketers create, host, share, and measure videos.

    Learn more about Wistia Channels here: http://wi.st/channels
    Find out how Wistia can help you grow your business: http://wi.st/product

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