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Posted on Jul 18, 2018

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View in 2 is intended to help you get smarter about YouTube in just 2 minutes. Each video will highlight a current trend or format on our platform, broken down with insights and ideas on how brands can take advantage.

YouTube is now 13 years old...which means both the YouTube audience and its creators are aging up. Searches for ‘Adulting’ on YouTube have been spiking over the last two years and there are even entire channels dedicated to the topic. In today's episode, we dig in deeper around what this means about content creation.

Resources and Links:
- How to Adult How to Adult Returns:
- How to Adult A Conversation About Budgeting ft. The Financial Diet:
- How to Adult How to Meal Plan:
- Lowe's Adulting in Austin:
- Sorted Food Do You Want To Learn How To Cook? Now Cook It:

View in 2 Playlist:

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Created by: Jessica Hurley
Written by: Lexi Turpack and Jessica Hurley
Co-host: Jennica Smith

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