The True Story of Naadam - The World's Fairest Cashmere

Posted on Oct 4, 2017

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    The true story of two guys who got lost in Mongolia, leading them to a mission to improve the livelihood of the nomadic herders who took them in, and to provide consumers more direct access to the finest cashmere in the world. Naadam is committed to creating the highest quality cashmere goods at the fairest price, while ensuring sustainable practices and fair treatment of the herders and goats who provide this incredibly rare material. To learn more about our mission and to support the world's fairest cashmere, visit

    Directed, Shot and Edited by: Alex Gorosh
    Produced by: Chess Club Films
    Written by: Josh Meyers
    Sweater Models: Warren Barrow, Marisa Rico, Katie Goodwin, Wylie Overstreet, Buns
    NYC Production Coordinator: Colin Staton
    NYC Cinematography: Shane Duckworth
    NYC Field Audio: Odin Redd
    NYC Assistant Camera: Alexandra Block
    Original Illustrations by: Jon Wilcox
    Naadam Festival Footage Provided By: CZY Video, Video Blocks, Video Hive
    Color Correction: Narbeh Tatoussian, Blacklist Digital
    Audio Mix: William McGuigan, Gypsy Sound

    Vibe Mountain - ‘Istands in the Sea 2’
    Sedaa - ‘Clans of Mongolia’
    Sedaa - ‘Tovschuur Hogjim’
    Sedaa - ‘Mongol Nutag’
    ‘(Little) Fugue in G Minor (J. S. Bach) Performed by Canadian Brass on the recording, Takes
    Flight, courtesy of Opening Day Entertainment.’
    Vibe Mountain - ‘Pinnochio 2’

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