Square Online Checkout - Sell and take payments online—no website required

Posted on May 8, 2020

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    Unlock new sales channels with Square Online Checkout. Easily create pay links, share them in social posts, emails, texts, or existing websites—and get paid fast.

    Create your checkout payment link or buy button with Square today.



    You need a quick way to accept payments online. Just like that.

    Try Square Online Checkout. And with the click of a link or a button, you can take buyers directly to a simple checkout page. No need to build a new website.

    You can accept payments for almost anything.

    Whether you’re selling monthly subscriptions or one-off promotions, collecting donations, or charging for an online class.

    Unlock new sales channels. From email and text, to your existing website, or even your social posts.

    Now you can add eCommerce to all the places you connect with your customers. Just brand your button or paste your link.

    You can accept payments online fast! Even when you’re on the go, with the Square Point of Sale app.

    And see which links give you more business.No start-up cost or monthly fees. Enjoy more ways to get paid—simple, direct, and hassle-free with Square Online Checkout.

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