Square Invoices

Posted on Mar 26, 2019

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    Square Invoices makes it easy to send out professional-looking, free invoices right from your phone. They’re simple for customers to pay and for you to track. They’re fast, hassle-free, and, best of all, free to send. Transcript: Square sellers have been paid over ten billion dollars globally through Square Invoices because they take the work and worry out of getting paid. They’re quick, easy, customizable, and free to send. And now, they’re even easier with the new Square Invoices app. Just open the app, and you can send your first invoice in no. time. flat. Simply add a customer’s name and email address, select an item, and you’re set. It’s also easy to customize your invoices’ colors, add logos and images to spiff things up a bit. Customers get your invoice right in their inbox. It’s simple for them to pay on our secure network in just a few taps. Which can help sellers cut their collection time from weeks to days. And for future jobs, you can send out estimates right through the app. Once the work is approved, you can quickly convert it into an invoice. Get paid immediately with a card on file, which Square keeps safely. It’s perfect for recurring payments, like monthly memberships. With automated reminders you can focus on the rest of your business, instead re-sending invoices. Just like the rest of Square’s products, you get fast deposits, no monthly fees, and no long term contracts. It’s here to take the work and worry out of invoices for you. Get started today with Square Invoices

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