Rama Works U80-A

Posted on May 31, 2019

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    With the U80, we at Rama Works are re-engineering our refined aesthetic from the ground up, with function and design paramount at all stages for our most anticipated board to date. U80 represents what our future holds at Rama Works. It is bold in a way that we have not ventured. You can see it transferred and refined with each sequence--every technical pass. The journey with U80 has been exceptional, there have been insightful lessons we hope to utilize in our projects for years to come. This keyboard is designed to dominate any desk it sits on. The monolithic structure is machined entirely from high-end metals and informs stability in any setup.

    Beyond the new custom design, the U80 boasts per-switch RGB LEDs and USB-C. Also highlighted with this new board is a thoughtful layout which provides all the keys youโ€™ll ever need, for any game or task - elegantly spaced out. Each element of the keyboard is meticulously crafted, from our new countersunk screws to custom-made laser etched Stainless Steel TORX T10 fasteners.

    Designed for the ultimate performance. A fully machined brass switch plate sits isolated from the enclosure. The mirror polished PVD brass weight is also included for that extra weight, a signature touch to the overall product. The switches sit on a signature PVD coated brass plate, hand-Polished to a mirror finish.

    In addition to these enhancements in our offering, we are proud to introduce MUTE, our newly engineered mounting technology, made of non-conductive silicone. This new system provides yet an extra layer of response as it deadens the sound while cushioning each keystroke.

    Preorder the U80-A at launch: https://rama.link/u80
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    Creative Director: Todd Hersey
    Design, Animation: Eddy Nieto, Todd Hersey
    CAD Translation: Todd Hersey, Rick Lundskow
    Audio Post Production: Another Country Detroit
    Composer: Joe Philips
    Sound Design: Joe Philips, Jeremy Schemm
    Mixing Engineer: Jeremy Schemm

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