Perimeter 81 Introduces: The Cybersecurity Experience Platform

Posted on Nov 16, 2021

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    The “experts” will tell you cybersecurity means protecting… cyber things.

    Like computers, networks, and servers.

    And so they build it with that stuff in mind.

    Ask those people to build a safer car, and you’d end up with seatbelts that take an hour to buckle.

    Or a fire extinguisher with a 20 digit passcode. Or a bike helmet that looks like this.

    But at Perimeter 81, we believe cybersecurity is meant to protect people.

    You know, the ones who have to install it, manage it, and use it every day.

    That’s why we built the world’s first Cybersecurity Experience Platform—the most radically simple solution ever made.

    Deployment takes minutes—not days—anywhere, on any device.

    From a single platform, you can easily build, manage, and defend your network -- no matter where employees and resources are located.

    It’s fast, powerful, and totally seamless—whether you need to protect five users or fifty thousand.

    And our support team has your back, 24/7. Because if your cybersecurity solution doesn’t work for people, it doesn’t work.

    No matter what the so-called “experts” say.

    Perimeter 81. Radically Simple Cybersecurity.

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