Kickstarter Video for the Purple Pet Bed

Posted on Mar 25, 2018

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Replace that lumpy, ugly, smelly chew toy of a cushion with a scientifically comfortable pet bed your dog will actually want to sleep on. Get one for your pet friend at Subscribe:

🐶 Purple for every body on two legs or four

Purple made its debut on Kickstarter with the world's most scientifically comfortable mattress for humans. Since then, more than 500,000 Purple® Mattresses have been sold, changing the way people sleep forever (with 13,000+ 5-star reviews to prove it).

But the bed was so comfy, pet parents' pleas for a pet bed began to pour in as their furry friends fell in love with the comfort of Purple too.

So many beds stolen by so many pets too cute to kick out. But what makes it so ridiculously comfortable for every critter? Science.

🐱 Science is the cat’s pajamas

Purple’s patented Smart Comfort Grid™ is scientifically engineered to intelligently adapt to your pet’s body for tail-wagging, personalized comfort.

It eases pressure on their joints while supporting the rest of their body, so they can dream of chasing squirrels in comfortable bliss.

Made from Hyper-Elastic Polymer®, the Smart Comfort Grid™ is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and vegan. Simply put, it’s not only super comfortable, but it’s actually good for whoever, or whatever, is sleeping on it.

💑 Why pet parents love it

The first pet bed that doesn’t stink — Literally and figuratively. The Purple® Pet Bed is antimicrobial, moisture-resistant, odor-neutralizing, and hypoallergenic. It kills the bacteria most pet beds harbor so both your living room and your furry companion smell awesome.

The multi-layer protection blocks moisture and is super easy to clean, so the accident-resistant Purple® Pet Bed will stay like new for the life of your little buddy.

Looks awesome in any room — The Purple® Pet Bed is ultra tough, so it will keep its rugged good looks no matter what shenanigans your pet gets into. And the non-slip, washable cover and sleek design mean your companion can stay by your side in any room, without their bed being an eyesore.

Ruff-and-tumble ready — You know your dog loves to dig and your cat loves to claw; whether it’s nesting, boredom, playing, or whatever mischief is afoot (or aclaw), the Purple® Pet Bed can stand up to it all!

No more pets hogging your bed — Your beloved bestie can now experience all the ridiculously amazing comfort of Purple without crowding you out of your own bed or mucking it up with their fur and deep-sleep drool.

It makes your fur baby happy — What fur parent doesn’t want their beloved pet to be happy? A healthy pet is a happy pet, and a pet who sleeps better is a healthier pet. You see where we’re going with this?

🐍 Why pets dig it

Your pet knows what’s up. They want a bed that makes them feel better. They’re begging for Purple.

It makes them feel awesome — The Purple® Pet Bed is scientifically comfy; it uses the same comfort technology of the Purple® Mattress for humans, and simply fine-tunes it to your pet’s specific needs.

It’s oh-so-so comfortable — It’ll cradle your beloved buddy’s bones, whether young or old and support their body the way they need it so they have the vitality and sparkle you love to see.

🐐 How Purple licks the competition

Most pet beds are one-trick ponies – they’re fluffy or durable, hypoallergenic or easy to wash, good looking or good feeling. Why can’t Fluffy have her pet-friendly cake and eat it too?

Enter Purple: ridiculously comfortable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, ultra durable, odor-resistant, and one fine-lookin' addition to your living room, pet space, or whatever room your beloved companion has taken over.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can give it new tech — So-called “orthopedic” pet beds are usually just fluff. Without any industry standards, any pet bed can claim to be orthopedic without any real evidence. After all, it’s not like Rover is coming right over to complain. But even the happiest of pups will show when their aging joints are aching.

The Pet Bed's Smart Comfort Grid™ has been tested and proven to alleviate pressure and discomfort, regardless of species. Give your little fluffball’s old bones some peace and comfort as they curl up and sleep.

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