Introduction to Square Invoices

Posted on May 16, 2016

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Create your first invoice:

New to Square? Get a free card reader and start accepting credit cards today at

Square makes it easy for you to send invoices and get paid fast. Invoices are free to send (you just pay for the processing) and most are paid within one business day. Paid invoices are deposited directly into your bank account in one to two business days. Click to create your first invoice now.


Sometimes your customer’s card isn’t handy, or taking card numbers over the phone is just too hard. Maybe it’s not a convenient time to ask for payment.

That’s when you need to send an invoice.

Square makes it easy for you to send invoices free by email and get paid fast. Let’s send yourself one right now. Log in to Square and find the Invoices tab in your Dashboard. Then click Create Invoice.

Click into the customer box and select from your list of past customers. You can type in a new one too. Next you can add details, or a personal message, and select when payment is due. You can pull items from your existing item library. Then add sales tax, give clients a discount, and let them add a tip.

Go ahead, send yourself an invoice, now. Just check your email, and there it is. Then you click Pay Invoice. That goes to our secure website. You type in the card information. Click Pay. And that’s it. You get a confirmation that you just got paid. And there’s an email receipt for your customer too.

Square invoices are free to send—you only pay for the processing. So you can send invoices until the cows come home. And you can track them all in your invoice dashboard. The invoices. Not the cows.

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