Introducing Instant Payments by Square Payroll

Posted on Sep 15, 2020

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With Square Payroll’s Instant Payments, you no longer need to submit payroll 4 days in advance. Use the funds in your Square Balance to pay your team the next business day or instantly when they use Cash App. Learn more at Keywords: Instant Payments

There’s a new way to pay your team faster.
So you have more time to run payroll.
Introducing Instant Payments by Square Payroll.
A feature that lets you pay your team with your Square Balance.
When your employees use Cash App, they can get paid instantly—even on weekends,
And for employees that don’t—they can receive their pay as soon as the next business day.
There are no extra fees. And it's easy to set up.
Process your payments with Square and use the funds in your Balance to pay your team.
And... you can always add more money to your Balance using a linked debit card.
With Instant Payments, you can hold on to your cash longer.
And you don’t have to submit payroll days in advance.
Your team will still get paid on time, on their regular schedule.
So take control of your funds.
And run payroll when it’s best for your business.
With Instant Payments from Square Payroll.

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