Getting started with Text Message Marketing

Posted on Sep 14, 2021

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    Learn more about Square Text Message Marketing at

    Square Text Message Marketing is effective, personal and trackable. Once your customers enroll in your program, you can send them a text message in seconds. When they click links, you see the results of your marketing campaigns in real time. On average, Square sellers who use SMS marketing messages have seen an average of $2.52 in attributable sales per marketing text sent.


    There are times when some messages just can’t wait for email. When a favorite item comes into the store, or a deal is about to run out, or a birthday simply must be celebrated.

    And that’s where text message marketing comes in. It’s the most personal way to connect with your customers, it’s super simple and fast to send out.

    Your text message marketing program is all synced with your Square account so you can track which campaigns bring in the most customers.

    It’s also quite affordable, so you don’t have to spend much to reach your customers. Getting started is easy, you simply enroll on the Marketing page in Dashboard, like this.

    You don’t need to be subscribed to Square Email Marketing to enroll in Text Message Marketing. Before you start sending out your offers, you’ll need to get consent from your customers. Square makes that easy, with opt-ins through your point of sale, no matter if you’re using a Square Register, Square for Retail, or Square Appointments.

    You’re provided with a custom phone number that customers can text JOIN to opt-in to your text marketing program. You can share the text-to-join number in your store, online, via social media, or anywhere you communicate with your customers.

    We recommend waiting until you have 10 opt-ins before sending your first text message marketing campaign - we’ll alert you when you’ve hit that number, so you’re ready.

    Square Loyalty users will likely already have a list of customers you can text Loyalty-related information and offers to, using Text Message Marketing.

    The message creation flow is in Dashboard, and it’s super simple.
    Choose what kind of campaign you want to send, write your message, select your audience, choose when to send, and that’s it, they get timely messages and you get more sales.

    It’s a win-win and it’s all built right into your Square Point Of Sale.

    Visit to learn more.

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