Demystifying design leadership: Katie Dill, Lyft

Posted on Feb 21, 2020

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    The number of executive design leaders among the world’s 100 largest companies has doubled over the past five years. Yet there remains a lack of clarity about the unique contributions they bring to the table. Our new series features interviews with design executives and attempts to shed light on their individual backgrounds, the challenges they face, and how they use design to drive strategic priorities within their organizations. In this film, “Designing for Momentum,” we go behind the scenes with Lyft’s VP of Design, Katie Dill.

    This is part of our new research on design leadership. Visit:

    Film credits: Gnarly Bay Productions | Rob Mathis, McKinsey Design
    Special thanks: Danielle Adams | Katie Dill | Alex Escobar
    Copyright McKinsey & Company, Inc. 2020

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