Posted on Jan 17, 2019

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  • Animation
  • Finance
  • Plainspoken
  • Voice Over
  • 1 min
  • Horizontal (16:9)
  • 2D
  • Payments
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    Learn more about Square Card at

    With the free Square Card, you get access to your Square balance as soon as you make a sale—with no sign-up, minimum balance, or any other hidden fees. It’s a personalized business debit card designed for you. To order and customize your card, go to the Deposits tab in the Point of Sale app and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Introducing Square Card.

    Start your business, sell your goods, make your money, and spend it right away with your Square debit card.

    Anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

    Keep business expenses separate from personal expenses.

    So you can focus more on your business, and less on your books.

    And grow your business faster.

    Square Card. It’s your card for your money.

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